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Pretty sure he's looking at exactly what he said he's looking at:
Originally Posted by Blue_shift View Post
I was looking around on the GML website at player +++/--- grades and I noticed that the QBs are given a grade on the season. I know for other positions grades can be pulled from game logs, but I've not been able to find a way to get grades for QBs (since they get a *** in the log on every play). Are you just doing some analysis on the game logs that is able to tell which plays were the QB's fault or do you just use the QB rating? Or is there somewhere else I can go to find them?

The green highlight is what he's looking at, and his key comments (in red) are 100% correct. On every play from scrimmage in the logs, 21 players get "+++" or "---", but the QB gets "***".

Blue_shift, Stelmack's Interrogator (part of the utility suite) pulls +++/--- for QBs. I'm using that to get that data, and comparing it to the average for the position. That's why you don't see 95% or something like the logs, but instead a small positive or negative number. If the positional average +++/--- for the season is 95.0% and the guy is 96.6%, you'll see a +1.6 in that column.
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