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Motorsports Manager - Rise of the house of Archer

After a horrific crash ended his racing career, British driver Ace Idol could not stand being away from the track and so began his quest to run his own racing team. The opportunity presented itself in 2016, when a team on the third tier European circuit became available. Welcome to the new era of Archer BMR racing.

Meet the team:

Mustafa El Sadat 22 years old – Main Driver
Contract 10 months at $244,000 per race
Skills: Braking 5, Cornering 8, Smoothness 14, Overtaking 9, Consistency 12, Adaptability 6, Fitness 4, Feedback 13, Focus 9
Traits: Racer (+2 to all attributes during race), Hates team orders (Will not take team orders), Vancouver expert (+2 to all attributes on this track)
Races: 10
Wins: 0
Podiums: 0
El Sadat is a punk at times, refusing to take team orders, but has potential and is rated at 2.25 or 3.25 stars, so he has potential to grow. I want to keep him, but hopefully he will be our #2 next season if I can sign a better driver in the off season. I expect him to improve on his rookie campaign, finish top 10 and get at least a couple of podiums.

Alex Rodgers 34 years old – Main driver

Contract 10 months at $200,000 per race
Skills: Braking 8, Cornering 5, Smoothness 6, Overtaking 12, Consistency 11, Adaptability 10, Fitness 4, Feedback 8, Focus 12
Traits: Racer (+2 to all attributes during race), Passionate (Wants to win trophies before retirement - $100,000 to desired earnings)
Races: 110
Wins: 0
Podiums: 0
The definition of a journeyman, solid, but never a threat to win with zero podiums over an 11 year career. The soft spot in me wants to help him get one trophy this season, so the business man in me doesn’t mind letting him go at the end of his contract.

Peter Young 31 years old – Reserve Driver
Contract 10 months at $57,000 per race
Skills: Braking 3, Cornering 2, Smoothness 5, Overtaking 4, Consistency 2, Adaptability 5, Fitness 1, Feedback 12, Focus 5
Traits: Smart (+1 to adaptability and feedback)
Races: 0
Wins: 0
Podiums: 0
That nobody has ever let this guy on the track says it all, he is horrible, but he is adept at feedback which means he will do all the test runs in Rodger’s car and I will keep through the end of his contract just for that reason.

Lead Designer – Gunther Ziegler
Contract 22 months at $71,000 per race
Skills: Engine 12, Brakes 8, Gearbox 8, Front Wing 10, Suspension 12, Rear Wing 6
Races: 210
Wins: 5
Podiums: 19
Gunther is solid, not great in any one area but decent across the board, we will hang on to him until his contract expires and re-evaluate then.

Jonny Jenkinson (Mustafa El Sadat – 1 week)

Contract 34 months at $19,000 per race
Skills: Concentration 8, Part Fixes 3, Pit Stops 2, Reliability 6, Chemistry 12, Performance 4
Races: 60
Wins: 0
Podiums: 0
Inconsistent and really only good in chemistry, he will suffice short term, but I don’t see him finishing his contract with us as I need better in the garage.

Stephanie Thomas (Alex Rogers – 64 weeks)
Contract 22 months at $13,000 per race
Skills: Concentration 3, Part Fixes 5, Pit Stops 7, Reliability 4, Chemistry 4, Performance 4
Races: 190
Wins: 0
Podiums: 2
She flat out sucks and replacing her will be my first priority, not good in anything and the only reason I can see for her hanging around with Alex for 64 weeks is they are sleeping together.

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