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Pre-Race news and notes:
Back at it as we prepare for race 3. Unfortunately our upgrade suspensions, gearbox and brakes will not be as reliable as I want by race time.

I am now fully accredited with the GMA, so I will get to vote on upcoming rules changes and issues. I am interviewed regarding the upcoming vote to add Yokohama to the calendar for next season and I let the press know I have not made up my mind yet.

Alex Rodgers is friggin burned out after 2 races, really? I dont want negative traits, so I spring 250K to send him to a damn spa. He gains the refocused trait that gives him a +1 to all skills for 20 weeks.

The Yokohama votes comes up and I see it will not benefit team Archer, so I vote no, but the big boys got it passed 5-3 with 2 abstentions, bastards!

Mechanics Corner:
My second gearbox is finished and is reliable enough to run, but its performance is crap, so I add it to that queue so it reaches full potential. Next I start work on a new engine, top speed +20 and it sets me back 1.5 million, now 2.1 million in the hole. When finished the engine has great performance, but crappy reliability, so we wont be running it yet.

Race #3 : Milan Track A
Laps: 21
Forecast: Sunny 64 degrees
Track qualities: Tire wear low, fuel burn medium
Crucial attributes: Speed, deceleration, high speed corners
Race Day bonus sponsor: Chiffre (5th or better = $800,000)

Testing results (Downforce, Handling, Speed)
El Sadat Excellent, Excellent, Excellent
Rodgers Excellent, Excellent, Great
*Young will always test Rodgers car for him
Both drivers will go race trim + 10 and intermediate tires +5
One fan tweets our testing was boring, well F you, it yields our best set ups yet! With this being a 21 lap race I will need two pit stops regardless so I go with enough fuel for 5 laps and soft tires to get a good start and will fill start 9th (Rodgers) and 11th on the grid.

Despite the great set up as we start lap 4 El Sadat is languishing in 15th place and Rodgers, after being as high as 5th (bonus land) has slipped to 12th as I play around to make sure our fuel gets us to the end of lap four. Not sure what the issue is with El Sadat but he looks like crap in traffic and is getting bullied all over the place. We hit the pits (the first team to do so) in 15th and 17th place, I got to a harder tire and full fuel. All parts look good and I want to get the most out of the middle phase of the race and hopefully gain some ground. El Sadat lectures me about queuing in the pits, LOL. Shut up and drive! On lap 6 we make up ground as the field pits, with Rodgers vaulting to 6th and Mr. slow pit El Sadat climbing to 14th. Other drivers are setting speed records left and right and as we get to lap 9 we sit in 7th and 16th place. El Sadat is a lost cause for this race, but Rodgers has a shot to hit bonus if I am smart. All parts should hold up for the whole race, so we just need to avoid any crashes.

Lap 11 and we benefit from two pit stops as Rodgers climbs to 3rd! El Sadat continues to chill in 15th, admiring the tress and pretty Italian girls as he goes. Lap 13 and Rodgers sits in 1st place as the field pits, El Sadat gets up to 8th, but he will surely lose that in short order. I pit and decide to go back to soft tires. Fuel will be tight, so I will have to watch that, but we should be okay. We exit the pits in 9th and 17th, still okay and I will have them push for a lap or two. Both drivers are smoking now and lap 16 is Rodgers best of the race. A couple of drivers are having issues with parts and we sit in 7th and 15th at this point. There is hope! Rodgers jumps to 5th on lap 18 due to pit stops, but his brakes are now acting up. We have no choice but to risk it, 30% and three laps, with Marchetta and Antonov on my ass. Lap 20 and it is Beauchamp that comes screaming past Rodgers, which leaves my best hope to hit bonus on catching Gerard, who is starting to slip a bit. El Sadat is in 12th and will not be a factor. Alas I timed up fuel and tires perfectly, but Rodgers is passed by Dreyfuss on the last curve and we finish in 7th and 13th place, not crappy, but no 800K bonus! Eastwood and Garuda carry the day again as their drivers finish 1-2.

1st Edda Jonsdottir Eastwood Motorsport 29:41.28
2nd Tanvir Jha (Garuda) +0.192
3rd Amanda Cavalcanti (Silva Racing) + 1.38
7th Alex Rodgers +22.97
13th Mustafa El Sadat +46.83

In the points race Rodgers goes from 12th to 8th with 35 points and El Sadat remains in 10th with 31. As a team we are camped in 5th with 66, 5 back of Firebird MRT and 5 ahead of Silva. We earn $712,000 for the race, leaving our balance at -$1,682,000
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