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Originally Posted by molson View Post
What's crazy is it didn't even hit him flush.

If there's every one-strike MMA death, that's how it will happen.

It was actually pretty flush, full impact focused on at the temple, but yeah, it could have been worse. I agree, if there is a fatality from a single strike it will likely be a knee. Brutal torque when done right.

Askren was on Ariel's show yesterday (You can find it on youtube) and actually came off very well in how he is taking the loss. There is no love lost between these tow, but he gave Jorge credit and even dismissed the lucky shot talk as BS. Acknowledged that it took a lot of skill to land a knee like that.

I actually like him better then Masvidal, yeah his shtick is annoying, but as a person seems like a much more grounded and humble guy.
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