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I considered putting this in the Cell Phone thread, but then remembered this one, and figured I'd resurrect it...

Got this story second hand, a girl both my wife and I are friends with, and I happen to work with (my "work wife", who tries her best to keep me out of trouble).

She heads into the women's room, 4 stalls on each side. She sees feet in stalls 1 and 3 on the left, so heads to the right side. As she's walking, she hears someone talking "So, what's up?". A little shocked, she just stays quiet and heads into the stall. A little more small talk before she figures out one of the two people already in there is in a stall, on their cell phone.

The non-offending person finishes up, heads to the sink. The talker ends her conversation, flips her phone shut...and let's all hell break loose. Followed by a sigh of relief, and then announces, I guess to whoever might be listening, "No more ice cream for me!" By the voice, my friend figures out it is one of the newer hires here.

My friend finishes her business, heads to the sinks...just then, her manager walks in. And the talker exits her stall. The manager acknowledges my friend, and the talker and asks how she is.

The talker responds "ALOT better now! I got ice cream from McDonald's, and I'm not supposed to have milk. It killed me!"

That is one hell of an impression to make after about 3 weeks on the job!
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