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Originally Posted by Mr. Wednesday View Post
Which would have changed nothing, because all of the Umbrella except for DC were vaccinated too.

Yeah pretty much everyone that we had even targetted for conversion was vaccinated. . Fouts really gets the MVP for his "vaccinated" role. Ahh what could have been.

I learned a few things in this game

-How not to try and hide your vote. I still don't know how to hide it, but I know one way that doesn't work.
-Don't type things when you are three pages behind and catching up.
-Also don't sit "pat" when you are up for the lynch. I knew better than to beg or simply state "I'm a good guy". I even knew that sitting there doing nothing was a bad idea. I just froze in inaction when things looked like they might go my way. I realize now that that probably wasn't a good idea.
-Oh yeah. Play better.
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