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Originally Posted by Danny View Post
I thought Autumn played a great game. I don't pay as close attention once I am dead, but I didn't read him easily like I have in the past and probably would have voted Commo the last day.

I didn't have a bad read on Mau, but then he claimed he passed me an item day 1, which he didn't, so I assumed he was a wolf at that point.

After Bug's reveal, but before EF and Narc revealed, I still thought Bug was a wolf. Definitely had a bad read there.

and both Danny and I were both out of the game so we woulfn't be there to give autumn crap anyway.

But really, other games I think I'm pretty good at reading when Autumn is acting funny/a wolf. And I did not see that here. Really ballsy plays too. Loved how he kept suggesting things that were actually true that the village kept missing. It always sounded like he was trying to talk everyone into lynching the wolves.
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