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Mar 30, 2013 (afternoon)
Blyth (6-11-23, 23rd) vs Aldershot (24-8-7, 2nd)

This should be fun, huh? We're 7:2 dogs at home, they're 4:6 faves. We'll try the 4-5-1 Defensive.

GK: Knight
D: Henderson, Seery, Purvis, Groves
MF: Matondo, Hands, Wedderburn, Vipond, Bembo-Leta
ST: Mole
Bench: (Brown, Morrison, Chinthengah, White, McDonald)

Halftime: Aldershot 1 - Blyth 0
Jeffers beats Knight 1-on-1 at 40'. 3 defenders pushed out too far.

Outshot 14-1, only 42% of poss. Lousy passing, lousy tackling.

Fulltime: Aldershot 2 - Blyth 0
Switch to 4-4-1-1 Counter 63'
Madjo pounds home a loose ball right in front at 88', that mistake is on Hands.

Outshot 21-2, spectacularly bad when you consider we had 50% of poss. for the match.

Knight 6.6
Henderson 5.7, Seery 6.0, Purvis 6.7, Groves 6.6
Matondo 6.1, Hands 5.3, Wedderburn 6.1, Vipond 6.7, Bembo-Leta 6.1
Subs: Brown (58' for Henderson) 6.6, Morrison (63' for Bembo-Leta) 6.7, Chinthengah (83' for Mole) N/A

Mar 30, 2013 (postmatch)
Joe Henderson suffered a thigh strain while awkwardly striking a ball. Treatment or injection? Seriously? Treat him, not like it matters at this point. He'll be out 3-4 weeks.
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