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Aug 9, 2013
We're Pick 'Em favorites at home tomorrow in the season opener against Colwyn Bay.

With that in mind, seems like time to take a look at the roster we'll roll into the 2013-14 season with.

Perhaps the most settled, and unsettled, position on the team.

First team
Jack Dovey - best keeper, still wants out, nobody willing to offer, so he stays & plays for the time being
Nathan McDonald - clear #2, would take over if & when Dovey exits

Kieran Gonzalez - clear #3, on a rolling contract but at just $180/wk we're content to let it roll for now
Alex Archer - Our top prospect & is signed through next season. Willing to let him loan out if an offer comes in. Wouldn't want to throw him into the fire yet.
Matty Hunter - Depth only at this point

Jonathan Henley - Could easily be on the reserves and is probably slightly better than his U18 backup
Tamer Dalton - Could also easily be on the reserves but on the verge of getting stuck behind Henley
Rob Fry - Likely career backup but has another year to be underage.
Kerhney Batey - He's 16.
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