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Originally Posted by timmae View Post
I am certainly the best scientist here and I have a great knowledge of engineering also. Physical tasks at not my thing. At all. I mean nothing... I will try to start lifting those 1 lb weights but no guarantees.

I like the idea of having the engineers on biodome but I am thinking narc and me would help also. We want to get high value out of that thing and the engineers will need input into how to build it to maximize output/value.

With so much to do having everyone healthy may be a high priority. Thoughts?

Another thought... Should an engineer work on getting communications back up? It is established technology so a scientist shouldnt be needed.

I like the idea of having a scientist help a couple of engineers get the biodome together.

I also like having an engineer work on the communications system. We NEED a link to Earth. I believe it is vital to our continued survival.

I think one of our police types should have the sole job of protecting the solar panels. Without energy from the sun, we will all die.
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