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Originally Posted by Edward64 View Post
Not sure if its the "most effective" but agree on background checks on gun show and private sales (e.g. there are already background checks needed except in those 2 circumstances I think).

Don't think I agree with getting rid of Stand Your Ground laws. If I understand this correctly, there is no doubt I should be able to shoot any intruder in/outside my house that I think is a threat.

I think its playing the long game. Its educating the younger generation to be more aware of threats, possible threatening behavior, have the frank discussion and show impact of these killings to victim's families.

(It seems this kid threw up a bunch of warning signs and the other kids knew about it. More to come if this was reported to authorities and if & why they failed to act)

Definitely make gun ownership harder to come by (its way too easy). As a law abiding citizen, don't take away my ability to acquire guns but do make sure that I'm law abiding, not mentally unstable etc. and educated & trained to use the weapons.

Let's be fair to the authorities. The kid can throw up all the warning signs in the world. We don't take those threats seriously until after the fact. Remember those threats are supposedly just words.

Not really feeling like debating the whole guns thing again. I prefer to get an early start on celebrating some of the heroes.

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