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I honestly can't believe Kidd has been coaching for five years already. Time flies. He peaked as a coach his first year with a fine team, since then matchups/innovation caught up with and surpassed him. There's no reason that team should be so poor on the defensive end.
Teams adjusted to that ultra-aggressive trapping scheme after his first year in Milwaukee and he stubbornly refused to dial it back for whatever reason.

idk where they go with Jabari Parker. I think they're still not there this year anyways (and not sure what veteran you'd get for him right now unless DeAndre Jordan is still on the market and you think he's the missing piece - I think a Kevin Love for Jabari swap could be interesting once LeBron leaves, but Cleveland wouldn't do that now) so it's not a bad thing to see if he and Giannis have some chemistry when healthy and Parker can start putting up better +/- stats instead of just good counting ones. Don't need to go all-in when Giannis just turned 23, and if you're going the other way and trading for draft picks Parker's value will only go up if he comes back and plays well and you can target players better at the draft.

Not sure where (or if) Kemba goes to. I'd love to see him in San Antonio, and Philly's the only other place that jumps off the page at me as a good fit for his skillset (among playoff teams). Especially since Charlotte seems desperate to pair him with bad contracts, Philly has the space, and the Hornets will probably take less than his real value if they can get off bad money.
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