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Originally Posted by Lathum
OK, things are getting scary for us so it is my turn to put my neck on the chopping block.

I a humble villager with a problem. I am a thief. I like to break into peoples houses and steal things. Up to this point I haven't had too much success in my choice of people to rob from.

Night one I chose Saldana, total crapshoot, he was completly broke like most villegars are.

Night two I selected Cartman based on his odd vote for Saldana, again I didn't have much to go on and again he was a broke villegar.

night 3 I chose to steal from Barkeep, he has been talking alot and seemed to be trying to hard, but again, just breadcrumbs.

night 4. BINGO!! I chose Blade. his arguments with R.A. were very suspiscous and once it turned out R.A was right about Mr. Wednesday I decided to have a look around his place. What I found was a box buried deep in the closet containing a fake passport, a gun and ammo and I was told I should flee the house at once because blade wanted nothing more then to prove his loyalty to the Mafia.

Blade is the turncoat and we need to lynch him before the mafia gets anymore of us.


This makes a lot of sense because there seems to be mirror roles for both the wolves and the mafia. Vince was apparently the sorcerer (Kind of Ironic that he was eaten by the wolves) and Blade is thus the turncoat for the mafia.

Vote - Blade
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