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FOF2K4 Codex

Inspired by Morgado's Journal, I decided to put links to various strategy threads in a single location. As I result, I bring you. . .

The FOF2K4 Codex!

Within, you will find the keys to unlock the secrets of FOF2K4, drawn from the collective knowledge of Front Office Football Central!

All are encouraged to contribute to The Codex by posting your strategies, research and gameplans in this forum.

I will update the table of contents regularly, so feel free to PM me if I missed something important.

Player Ratings
Blocking Strength and the Rushing Game
Pass Blocking and Blocking Strength
In-Depth Analysis of Running Back Skills
Endurance Case Study
Player Weights and Position Switches
Volatility Explained by Jim
Scout Margin of Error
Receiver Efficiency Rating
Route Running Rating Discussion
Running Backs: Plug and Play?

Drafting & Player Development
Scouting the Draft and Rookie FAs
Draft Booms and Busts
Identifcation and Impact of Mentors
Mentors & Player Development: Have We Been Assuming Too Much?
Player Development with Emphasis on Mentors
Long Term Impact of Ratings Changes After Training Camp
Effects of Playing Time on Developing Rookies
Change in Development Direction
QB Development

Team Chemistry
Team Chemistry (Conflicts/Affinities)
Offensive Line Chemistry

How the "Cap Out" Option Works
Assessing Proper Value of a FA Offer
Freeing Up Cap Room
Scheming for the Salary Cap
Bonus Money & Retirement
Salary Advice

Basic Gameplanning Tips
General Gameplanning Advice
Roles of Flanker vs. Split End
More on Flanker vs. Split End
Defensive Philosophies
Pass Catching Tight Ends
Corner and Safety Blitzes
Playing Out of Position
Playing Veterans in the Exhibition Season
3-4 vs. 4-3 Defense
Gameplanning Max Protect
Fourth-Quarter Comebacks: Cheating AI?
A Brief Discussion About Gameplanning Cornerbacks
Changing Position vs. Playing Out of Position
Run Defense

GWB's Game Plans
Passacagilia's HFL Game Plans

FOF2K4 House Rules
FOF2K4 Q&A with Jim
Making a Better Power Ranking System
Follow the story of the Oregon Ice of the Continental Football League.

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