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Originally Posted by Commo_Soldier View Post
I can see why that would be, but it would be a waste. I'm not the only one that thought Bug could be bad and the vote on Bug was also to get more information, not like lynching him gave us nothing. If EF is telling the truth the only person that really looked good today was Bug, unfortunately he is now dead.

Originally Posted by Autumn View Post
Everyone else is pretty much saying they're going to string up Narc and EF, Mckerney adding that he'll go after Commo next. Commo is the only one seeming to leave an opening still for EF being good. Dubb calls him on that.

And what if EF would have been good this if I recall was taken right after the lynch of bug, before EF came and stated his mistake. I also never advocated that we not lynch EF, I think we lynched Narc and EF in the correct order. Why would we lynch EF when he can't do anything. In fact think of this, if we had lynched EF instead of Narc that day Narc would have survived we would have had our two nights straight and who knows maybe one of those nights is a double night kill because of there for sure being two wolves left.
I killed a wolf and I liked it.
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