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MLB Best of the Best (OOTP 13)

Using OOTP 13 I have created a best of the best league (using somewhat reasonable estimates on best franchise teams).

Here is how it will play out....

AL East
1992 Blue Jays
2008 Rays
1927 Yankees
2007 Red Sox
1970 Orioles

AL Central
1991 Twins
1985 Royals
1984 Tigers
1948 Indians
1919 White Sox

AL West
2011 Rangers
2001 Mariners
1929 A's
2002 Angels

NL East
2008 Phillies
1986 Mets
1994 Expos
1957 Braves
1997 Marlins

NL Central
1942 Cardinals
1979 Pirates
1982 Brewers
2005 Astros
1975 Reds
1907 Cubs

NL West
2010 Giants
1998 Padres
1963 Dodgers
2007 Rockies
2001 Diamondbacks

Randomly chose a decade to use as the base for the strategy settings (they were all imported using this year as the setting so I hope that doesn't affect the results too badly).

I am at opening day and will try to post a week summary at a time.

I'll be away for work (or may be depending upon Isaac) so I will start today/tonight and then pick up when I return.
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