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ESSZ Age Group Championships- DAY 3 RESULTS


500 Free 5:45.69 - In this one, Bear's goal was to go sub 5:40...I was told by his coach to try and keep him swiming under 1:09s, which meant 34.5 second 50s. Unfortunately, there were 4 kids from his team in the same heat, including the coaches son, meaning I was stuck trying to determine splits in my head. I knew Bear was swimming in the 34s, problem was trying to calculate the sub seconds with only about 12 before I had to signal him. I ended up being off a bit, and probably should have pushed him more, but he still managed to drop 6.28 seconds and a time of 5:39.41


100 Fly 1:08.43 - Bailey's first action of the meet was Saturday morning. In fact, she was the first heat of the first event. She got a good start and built to an improvement of .86 seconds and a time of 1:07.57. By the time the meet rolled around Bailey was seeded 76 out of it turns out she won her heat going away. Then I watched as only 1 person from the next heat beat her time, followed by several more in the next couple heats who failed to meet or beat Bailey's effort. After all was said and done, her improvement allowed her to climb all the way to 57th place.
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