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I move Kyle Kerr to RCB.

I want to take this 63 into the preseason. There are no undrafted FA I want to take yet. However, I know I need to give my players actually playing time, and having too many players on the roster prevents that. Allow me to do a little trimming then.

I cut:

OG Quentin Brunell
OG Antonio Duncan
West Virginian OT Riddick Snell

I move C Pat Corbett to LG

I am now down to ten O Linemen, which is where I like to be for my rosters.

Also cut is

DT Don Chamberlain
DE Henry Turnbull

Leaving me with 8 DLine which is where I like to be

Other positions are closer, due to the large number of stats, so I’ll keep them for the pre-season and take a chance to assess after each game.
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