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Originally Posted by Tyrith View Post
Only problem with this approach is that we're sending 4-6 people out there each day on missions and we can only clear them one at a time. What good does a clear of a random person get us? The only one who it makes sense to me to clear is Render, assuming he leads a team, as it kills two birds with one stone -- and let's face it, there's a good chance he'll get promoted someday.

Otherwise I'd suggest keep clearing the important roles; we can use our early vote record creating lynches on the adventuring privates if need be, as at some point we're going to probably have to start lynching people we don't have good info on. That might happen today, but I'm not sure yet.

I agree that RendeR, Telle, and the scientists are better scans than the privates following this approach. If we are sending RendeR out today and tomorrow, then it does kill two birds with one stone in terms of trust (exposed guy + promotable guy).
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