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Originally Posted by ISiddiqui View Post
Oh we had a black president and black doctors and lawyers, everything is fine and racism has been defeated! Suuuure. And what about that millions in wealth that was confiscated from the efforts of black men and women for hundreds of years? What about the 100 years of second class citizenship for black men and women? What about even today, where legal equality may exist, but social equality definitely does not.

That's a piss poor defense of being born out of freedom. You needed to completely forget that you enslaved and subjugated black people in order to pretend that your narrative of a country birthed in freedom is even close to true.

Yeah, blacks have it bad. And I never said they didnt. My point is that this country was founded on freedom. That isnt a narrative, it is a fact.
Im sorry that the people that founded this country were white and make. I didnt have a choice in that. But they were and they put together a constitution that was pretty darn good.

Was it followed all the time? Nope. It says all men are created equal. But they didnt follow their words.

But this isnt a race issue, this is a freedom issue.

Shoot, how many black people own guns? I know in St. Louis it is a lot. Because we are considered one of the most dangerous cities in the nation.

Again, we are not talking about slavery or social subjugation. We are talking about the freedoms spelled out in our constitution.

Again, people are not right. That doesnt make what this country was built on wrong.
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