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Random thought

Why can't we get the axiom of "It's the few who ruin it for the many" as the reason for needing change in this country? It applies pretty much everywhere else and in all phases of life. It results in more constrictions but also results in an overall improvement regarding whatever it is.

Yet here it never does.

My company has a very liberal work from home policy. I WFH every Friday and have been able to also stay home so I can go to all of my daughter's regular checkups during the first year, be home for the cable guy showing up, getting my water heater replaced, etc. But I get my shit done both in the office and from home.

If there were people on my team who were WFH but slacking, you can be sure as shit that I'd be the one leading the charge to curb that abuse before the responsible telecommuter like myself loses that right.
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