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Originally Posted by Solecismic View Post
Anyway, which seems worse to you - the need for cleanup with non-modal windows, or the forced experience of modal windows where the cleanup is more intuitive (i.e., they go away when you close them)?

I would love a "Start-D" function in-game to help clean up all the windows, regardless of if you go modal vs non-modal.

My preference, I think, is on modal. Theoretically.

This is one of those areas that can be done badly though and seeing and experiencing it matters more.

Really, I just want to have what windows I want open all at once instead of going back and back and forth between stuff.

Oh, and the new popup windows OOTP put in OOTP16 is great, if wholly inapplicable to FOF as they use it (too many ratings in FOF to show).

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