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Originally Posted by Narcizo View Post
I take credit for converting CrimsonFox so he would immediately fall on his sword and convert you. In retrospect I wish I'd converted Hoops - I always wanted to be on a wolf team with Hoops.

Hoops PROBABLY would have done a better job I think, but it was hilarious fun chatting with you and EF during this game.
I still love the "Help us CF, our only hope" and "Welcome to the losingest bunch of wolves ever"

I continued that streak by panicking about dubb, misinterpretting the rules and dying immediately. Remember we thought that the shapeshifter could morph into someone else multiple times. My only contribution was choosing Autumn though. Solid voting record and partially cleared by most people. That lightbringer save at the I still crap my pants over. (altho that may just be cuz I'm older)
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