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All right, I think we can be a bit freer with our words today. I know yesterday I had a chance to overhear things from the other team, as captain. But today the options are different. I'll assume that's the same for them.

For Sumo what skills would be involved? Strength, Clinch and Takedown maybe? Those make the most sense to me. I think most of us are very high strength, I know I am and Dubb, CF and RA are. My Clinch and Takedown are both at 18, I should be fairly good at this if those are the right skills.

As for the stamina one ... my conditioning is only 13. Did anyone put a lot of points into conditioning? I think that would be the key here, strength and conditioning. Who is the smallest fighter? We would want them climbing onto the other one.

Then we have to decide how much effort to put in. If we put in a lot of effort and lose the other team's going to pick that guy to fight. Alternatively, we could put in little effort, that way if we lose they'll target the guy we want them to.
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