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Originally Posted by SkyDog
I don't think easy/hard is even the issue. They took a poll on their website, and seven or eight features came out as being more important to their customer base. They decided to put the top SIX requested features in--and none of those top six look like small things. As always with text sims from small developers, my guess is that the finite-amount-of-time issue comes into play here more than anything else. These are the top six vote-getters, and the ones that made it in:

All-Time Leader Boards (e.g. tracking who beats Aaron's HR record) 114 5.94%
Expanded Salary Negotiations (Counteroffers, Option Years, Signing Bonuses, No-Trade Clauses etc.) 121 6.30%
Historical Rookies (i.e. when playing pre-2004, new rookies won't be random, but will come from historical data) 101 5.26%
Full Minor League System (3 separate minor league teams with their own lineups and schedules) 88 4.58%
Player Personality Ratings (Loyalty, Attitude, etc) 88 4.58%

My suggestion to those complaining on here, after-the-fact, about it is this: if you care about the game, then give feedback when it is requested. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

You're ignoring the fact that people who cared about the l/r thing already gave up on this game long ago. The customers he is polling would have probably bought the game anyway.

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