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Demetrius goes into a Living room, and passes by two statues that are living statues but have not animated yet. They ignore Demetrius.

He arrives at a room with books, tables, urns and such, and tow stone gargoyles that would animate and attack anyone other than Demetrius. Demetrius jumps over a pit trap. He goes east and up and opens a secret door. And then east and north. He jumps over a pressure plate that would otherwise alert Darius of his coming. He opens the door and ten Cynidiceans are in the room spaced out on drugs. Demetrius ignores them and opens the south door. There are a dozen Cynidiceans here gambling and playing cards and dice. They invite Demetrius/Alzar to join, and he skips them and goes south, casting bless on himself, striking on his staff, and then opening a secret door to the south east.

He sees 6 hobgoblins, 12 Cynidiceans, and Darius. He casts Light at Darius, with surprise. Darius fails his save and is blinded.

Demetrius slams the staff into a nearby hobgoblin and deals 6 damage and it dies. The staff is dealing 2d6+1 for Bless and Striking. The enemies band together. Darius draws a mace.

Demetrius hops onto a table in this large room and kills another hobgoblin and he closes with Darius. He is slashed three times by Cynidiceans and a hobgoblin for 11 damage. 40/51.

He has neared Darius and lashes out. Hitting the blind Darius is not too hard, and he takes 11 damage. Darius misses. Demetrius takes 12 damage from the crowd.

Demetrius wins initiative and nails Darius again for 10 damage. Darius casts Cure Light Wounds on himself and he gains back 5. Demetrius takes 10. 19/51.

Demetrius slaps and kills Darius, hitting him for 9 more damage. Darius, leader of the Cult of Zargon, has died. Demetrius takes 10 damage 9/51. As the round ends, Demetrius releases his hold on Alzar’s body, and as a thanks, fully heals him.
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