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The final room out here is an ale room with nothing in it. The secret door in the throne room leads to a passage way with a door at the end. They hear chanting inside and open the door. Inside is a human cleric with a blood red circle around him. He sees the invaders and yells help! A voice from the door to the south yells back” We’re coming!”

Alzar immediately casts charm person. Success. The cleric introduces himself as Catharandamus. He is trying to summon Arik, a power extra planer creature. Haven is the result of Arik’s taint, his eye, here and drawing power.

The people arrive. 7 hobgoblins and a female human holding a powerful looking ruby sword. He tells them everything is alright, and they eye him curiously. He begins to continue with the ceremony, and Alzar makes an Intelligence check . He pulls out the ruby and asks if that is the eye. “Ah yes,”

When asked who the people are the cleric is more than happy to answer. They are the Lady and an interfering dragon knight who followed Arik here. So where is the dragon now? Split into two pieces and each is in the body of a statuette. Very nicely done! “Oh yes, thank you!” How long before Arik arrives? About an hour. I’d like to see one of those statuettes – that’s be great! One is right by in the gardens, just across the hallway.

Alzar and party open the door and cross the hallway. They open a double door into a large garden area. Some of the plants are fading and withering, and others look very healthy. Alzar sends the animal skeletons in to investigate, and some bushes fire thorns at them. One dies. They go another way and run into more of these Archer Bushes. Alzar throws oil on a nearby one and tosses a torch at it and it goes up.

XP – 30

The path to the left cleared, the animal skeletons go that way and find a statuette behind a giant white rose bush. They move to it, and Lastion goes first. It grabs the statuette and brings it back to Alzar. Once Alzar is touching both statuettes, they glow, turn cold and disappear. Suddenly a White Dragon appears, in the gardens, and it gets attacked by about five Archer Bushes, which it quickly kills with some claws.

Alzar shows it the ruby and it nods and communicates telepathically with him. The ruby is set down and everybody retreats. Ariksbane, the lawful White Dragon, breathes on it and it is destroyed. When it goes, Lady and Ellis the Strong return. Ellis sees his glowing sword and takes it back. He leads the party into the summoning room and attacks the cleric there. Alzar follows and the fighter kills the cleric is one mighty swing. With that, the 7 hobgoblins rushing to attack turn back into haven people, as do the other various monsters in the castle, including the zombies Alzar was controlling. Those that were slain by the cleric or by Alzar and his group remain dead. The human female with the ruby sword is captured and incarcerated. The treasure of the cleric is given to the thieves as a thank you (it’s about 2k in gold) and Alzar is allowed to keep everything else he found, because they are being nice and thankful.

Alzar requests that the woman be freed to come with him. After some consideration, they agree.

Alzar has destroyed the cleric, freed the queen and the dragon knight, and prevented Arik from entering this world – which is a good thing – Azar has a low opinion of chaotic evil people that destroy merely to destroy, with no advantage gained. On the other hand, they are asking him and his undead to leave, now, they do not like Necromancers here in Haven.
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