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I really enjoy the recruiting aspect of this game! Here's my first recruiting class:

Christian Robbins is the prize of the class. As a high school senior, he caught 78 passes for 2,030 yards and 15 TD, and he's among the top 10 wideouts in the country. I wish I'd brought in another WR or two--we lost four to graduation--but the one we got should be a star.

William Boerigter is also a huge get for us, the #9 offensive tackle in the country who, fortunately for us, wanted to stay close to home and get a high-quality education.

Not many schools seem to want fullbacks, so we snagged a very good one in Connecticut's Gabe Hubbard. He rushed for 645 yards and caught passes for 738 more as a senior.

Mitchell Dole will hopefully help soften the blow of losing T.J. Yonkers. Dole excelled as a runner (1633 yards rushing) and as a receiver (878 yards), and has an eye for the end zone (22 TD).

Desmond Atkins will need time to develop, but he has the potential to be a dominant force.

I also signed two mobile quarterbacks, a kicker with potential, and several solid defensive players. Plus, I got Fireball Johnstone, who has one of the best names ever.

I think I snagged a few players who were overlooked by bigger schools because the athletic preparation they received in high school wasn't very good. Dole, for example, didn't get offers from any schools outside the Patriot Conference.

And I was able to bring in some outstanding students, too.

Doug Jordan and Lionel Houck both nearly maxed out their test scores, while Ross Heyer and Johnstone both pulled a 3.80 or better. None of the recruits is a dummy; all broke 1100 on their boards and Dole's the only one who didn't have a B average in high school.
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