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Generational Breakdown

** Over-the-Hill Gang(4) -- As ever this is those players 30 and over. Prakash Mooljee(7th) is the headliner with Browne(11th), Besson(26th), and Niklas(27th) still around as well.

** Fading From View(9) -- Those in the 28-29 bracket are definitely on the decline but still able to put in their .02 now and then. Gillo Fangio(5th) is tops here. Joining him are Kronecker(10th), Jolland(16th), Varas(20th), Espinoza(21st), Janin(22nd), Maliagros(25th), Paschal(28th), and Zimmolo(31st). Can't believe the likes of Janin is now considered an old veteran and gatekeeper of the top level of tennis. I've been doing this too long. Regardless, there's quite a few of these.

** The King & His Sychopants(6) -- Mateo Kaspar(1st) is in his prime and untouchable. There are others in the 26-27 age range who are simply unfortunate enough to play at the same time as the most dominant player ever to set foot on a court. Zarco(2nd), Teng(6th), Schmucker(12th), Borja(29th), Zaferia(30th). Not all that many though. Seems other talented players of this age mostly decided to have a business career or become hopscotch enthusiasts or whatever. Can't really blame them.

** The Wannabes(10) -- With Guus Dircx(3rd) at the top of the list, there are a good number and quality of players in the 24-25 age bracket. They all have one thing in common; they aren't nearly good enough or young enough to see the decline of Kaspar, at least not enough for it to matter. Dudwadkar(4th), Piazzola(8th), Rosenberg(9th), Duhr(13th), Panter(14th), Mackenzie(15th), Alenichev(18th), Cone(24th), Cortecedo(32nd). Right now this is the largest group.

** The Rising Hopefuls(3) -- The next #1 will likely come from those who are presently 22-23, or 4-5 years younger than Kaspar. Dick Blake(17th) is the current standard-bearer. Also worth noting are Nikitin(19th) and Pargeter(23rd).

There are some 21-year-olds presently in the 40s of the rankings, so they aren't quite here yet but a new group is just over the horizon.
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