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Bye Week Business

OLB Ross Flanagan (39/39, 24yo) accepted a contract extension
CB Ashton Dodge (46/46, 33yo) tacked on another year to his contract, though it will likely be his last

Dragons 1st Quarter report
Dick Grayson, sports reporter, Des Moines Register

Can you feel the growing pains?

No, I'm not just putting a positive spin on another frustrating season. The Des Moines Dragons may sit at 1-3, and their statistical rankings do still look like a lower-tier team, but this is a young team at key positions, and most of the team's struggles thus far are clearly related to inexperience.

First and foremost, the Dragons' biggest struggle is turnovers, where Des Moines ranks #31 in the NFL. The 2nd-year QB Dakota Corriveau is pushing hard, too hard, and the chemistry just isn't there yet. Corriveau is working with a rookie starting WR, and his most reliable target in TE Kelvin Satterfield hasn't even made it onto the field yet because of injury. Consequently, completion percentage is down, and interceptions are up. This is to be expected.

But what will happen when Satterfield returns and the young QB and young WR start to find their NFL sea legs?

That's the tantalizing question that leads me to caution Dragon fans about writing off 2028 as a lost cause just yet.

What's even more tantalizing is the sudden surge in pass rush the Dragons have found in rookie DE Elias Reese. Not only is Reese leading all NFL rookies in sacks, but his presence has released "The ManChild" DE Ricardo Heuring on the other side of the line to have what is so far shaping up to be the best season of his young career.

No, the Dragons are not yet a winning ball club. But give these young pups just a little more leash. They're still cutting their teeth.
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