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Season 4, Week 8: 5-1 Seattle comes to 2-4 Des Moines

Definitely not favored in this one. Seattle's blistering pass attack and relentless pass rush are formidable.

Nonetheless, the first half of this contest looked like a pair of heavyweights duking it out. The Dragon D completely shut down Seattle's rushing attack. The Iowa boys hung in there, and the two squads went into halftime tied 13-13.

At the end of the game, however, with Seattle leading by a touchdown, things began to look desperate for the Dragons. And in that desperation, an all-too-familiar refrain Corrriveau pushed too hard, threw 2 INTS in the last 2 minutes of the game. Des Moines drops the loss, 20-13.

Season 4, Week 9: 4-3 Bears come to 2-5 Des Moines

Dragons MLB Dale Griffin again led a monster run defense, completely stuffing Bears all-star RB Adam Divine. But once again, the offense fell flat. Once again, turnovers killed us. And once again, the aging Des Moines secondary showed its age. This one feels like a nail in the coffin (for Corriveau too?), as the Dragons lose, 20-7.
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