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Las Vegas for March Madness


I just had a probable Vegas trip fall through :-( so I am consoling myself by speculating about another possible Vegas trip. Before I start looking into any serious planning, though, I had a few questions:

Considering the folks I am thinking of asking coming along, cost will be an issue, so my instinct would be to focus more on downtown, or at least to avoid the major Strip properties.

Is it even worth trying to set up camp at the top-tier sportsbooks (which I have a sense are Caesars and Westgate)? Or will they be overcrowded by 5AM? Or are they big enough to handle huge crowds? And for the hot books, do you need to be staying at the property for the major events like March Madness or can we stay somewhere else and wander over?

I certainly want the fun/raucous crowd thing. What are the best places to go for "will have a great crowd, but you won't have to wait 2 hours in line to place a bet and you can actually find a seat"?

How does app wagering change all this, if at all?

tl;dr--What is the best way to have a fun March Madness time in Vegas if you aren't looking to break the bank?

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