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Originally Posted by cheekimonk View Post
The last game, drawing on Wheel of Time, really got my wheels turning. I am a twice-published author as well as essayist, poet, and songwriter. I'm also a former DM in D&D. I haven't read the entire game log, but has anyone considered games based on:

- Terry Pratchett's Discworld - seasoned with liberal doses of humor
- Star Wars - ok, cliche and seemingly straightforward, but if you take the politic machinations and many of the EU/ancillary characters I think there would be something there
- Japanese Edo Period - loosely based on Takashi Matsuoka's Cloud of Sparrow series, James Clavell's Shogun, and Lian Hearn's Tales of the Otori series, but really just drawing on an unique and complex historical time period with enough mythology to spice things up.
- Greek, Roman, and/or Norse mythology - sooo much material here even if it's limited to one of the 3

Great ideas!! I would be game for any listed...

You forgot to include OOTP GM in that list Ben! Lol... I was heavy into AD&D for quite a few years. Good times...
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Oh yeah... Happy New York Day everyone!
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