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Originally Posted by timmae View Post
Lol, science items was just my term... Trying not to quote exact statements from my PM in order to play by the rules. I have studied science all of my life... (that is all I have to go on at this point). I do think that it must be legit as my skill rating there is quite good. To me this states I can't really be a full whack job but we don't know what EF has in store for us. I think my scientific skill will help the scientific group either way as EF explained the connections but having high attributes in your key category should help the entire group I would think.
Originally Posted by Zinto View Post
You are a college science student?

This is the point I was trying to make earlier.We have people voting others into leadership roles, without any attempt to know more about their background. As far as we know, timmae may be a Freshman at Minneapolis Community College who won his 8th grade science fair 5 years ago for building a volcano, and therefore considers himself Bill Nye.

Besides being a farmer, I too have a strong science background. I've done intensive studying my whole life. And while I may not have a fancy college degree to back it up, I have the scientific knowledge to lead the Science group.
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