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Originally Posted by Raven View Post
If village duke is the lynch, and knows they are village, wouldn't it be better to take a chance on potential wolf rather than allow yourself to be lynched (and def kill a villager)? Maybe I'm not quite understanding...

Well the way I see this unfolding is that if the lynch leader at the end of the day is a duke player, and they do not have a strong suspicion of a potential wolf, and they use the duke ability. They have a chance of hitting another duke villager, in which case they both die and the wolves get a two kill lynch result. I guess I'm just suggesting that any dukes in the lynch lead take a moment to really consider their options, and if they don't have a good idea of who to duke to, they should just eat the lynch rather than causing more chaos for the town.

Definitely feel like we should talk about this more before the end of day one. Not saying my ideas are the way we should go, as they are just ideas at this point. But it does seem like the rule set allows for alot of chaos.
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