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1991 NLCS


The Mets were 7-5 against the Astros this season and came in as favorites to win the whole thing and repeat as World Champions. The Astros staff had other things in mind as they shut the Champs down.

1: 9-3 Astros
2: 4-2 Astros
3: 4-3 Astros
4: 5-1 Astros

It was tight overall, but the Astros were just that much better every game, and they only hit 2 homers the entire series. Former Dodger prospect Doug Jennings, who was starting for Dykstra played well, and John Kruk was the NLCS MVP.


The offense was on display and we knew it would be. The Sox lead the

series 8-4 during the season and it continued here.

1: 8-3 Sox
2: 10-8 Orioles
3: 14-6 Sox
4: 9-5 Orioles
5: 3-2 Sox
6: 7-2 Sox

Where the entire Astros team only hit 2 HR's, the White Sox had 4 players hit 2 or more. Baines, Bonds and White all went deep 3 times in the 6 game series, while Belle added another pair. Griffey was held to a .222 average and the Orioles staff couldn't keep up. Harold Baines was ALCS MVP.

The White Sox are heading to their first World Series since 1959 to face the Houston Astros who won it all in '88.
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