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Projected Starters

PG Austin Ewing - 63 OVR - Soph - 5'11" - Ewing has above average ball handling and speed(both in the low 80s), as well as a decent jump shot.

SG Steven Rush - 70 OVR - Senior - 5'11" - The highest rated guy on the team, Rush is a very good shooter(92 3PT/86 MED) with a lot of speed(87 SPD and QCK). He's an acceptable defender and has good stamina, he'll be on the court as much as possible.

SF Ed Jones - 61 OVR - Junior - 6'7" 215 lbs - Jones seems to pretty much be a warm body until I can find better. Not a single rating above 80, and all of his shooting skills except close range are below 70.

PF Jason Willis - 68 OVR - Senior - 6'6" 208 lbs - Undersized, but he has a good close range shot and very good low post offensive skills. Willis is the 2nd highest rated player on the team.

C Thomas Coleman - 61 OVR - Freshman - 6'9" 220 - So we're a small team, not unusual in these small conferences. Coleman is the best rebounder we have, and he's not great(79 DRB). He's also our best low post defender but only rated 70 there. He'll hopefully develop quite a bit on the court this season.

Off the Bench

SG Glenn Nelson - 60 OVR - Senior - 6'3" 185 lbs - An average backup, he won't be shooting any 3 pointers but has an ok midrange shot, and is an acceptable ball handler. He'll actually be backing up Ewing at PG.

SF Nicholas Wilson - 58 OVR - Junior - 6'5" 210 lbs - SF is a really, really weak position for us.

SF Trahern Chaplin - 57 OVR - Senior - 6'6" 200 lbs - SF is a really, really, really weak position for us. This guy will be getting a lot of his minutes at the 4 slot too which is even worse. He does stand out as a great hustler, but I'm not sure what that rating does for you if your skills elsewhere stink.

SG Angelo Hernandez - 57 OVR - Junior - 6'3" 185 lbs - medium and 3 point ratings in the 50s, this guy is a walkon, slated to see some minuts in a 10 man rotation, and he does have a 78 defensive rating which may be the only thing to make his time on the court acceptable.

PF Kam Sheperd - 57 OVR - Freshman - 6'8" 215 lbs - Pretty lean for a 6'8 guy and it shows. Shepherd has terrible strength, he's an okay rebounder but otherwise looks like a very weak post player. If he had a better midrange jumper I'd be tempted to say he'd be a more natural athletic SF. On this team though,he's a backup center.

I play around with the minutes to try to make this more of an 8 man rotation, and I'll see if we have the stamina for that early in the year.
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