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2008-09 Lineups/Roster


PG Tavarus Alston - Junior - 55 OVR - Like last year, Alston is our best ball handler and passer and has good speed. He's not going to score a ton but we're a better team when he's on the floor.

SG Austin Ewing - Junior - 64 OVR - Ewing takes over the role Rush played last year, though hopefully with our improved inside game we won't rely on Ewing as much. He is our best shooter and is as fast as Alston, so he is a good threat to shoot the jumper or drive past his man as the situation calls for it.

SF Ed Jones - Senior - 62 OVR - As I mentioned elsewhere, Jones is a bit out of place for me. I like more athletic SF's, this guy is more of a mini-PF.

PF Thomas Coleman - Soph - 62 OVR - Coleman is the returning conference Freshman of the year, and at 6'10" he'll be great as our power forward. He's a very good rebounder and should be able to dominate smaller teams.

C Scott Hayes - Soph - 65 OVR - 7'1" 247 lbs. Hayes comes in not only with size but with decent skills for this level. Great close range shooting, well above average ability to shoot in traffic, and a decent rebounder(Coleman's rebounding ratings are higher though). I'm really excited about having Coleman and Hayes on the floor at the same time.


PF Kam Shepherd - Soph - 58 OVR - Shepherd is a nice post player off the bench, he did a decent job last year and was our leading bench scorer. I expect the same this year.

SF Nicholas Wilson - Senior - 58 OVR - Wilson is a bit like Ed Jones. He is a guy that I dont really have a good place for in my ideal rotation, but on this team he will be on the floor a lot. He has an average mid-range jumper and acceptable speed and ball handling.

SG Angelo Hernandez - Senior - 58 OVR - Hernandez doesn't really do much well besides handle the ball and play defense. As such, he's a good backup PG.

SF Robert Johnson - Junior - 54 OVR - He'll see some minutes by default.

C Cato Cruz - Freshman - 52 OVR - Cruz is a walkon who will also see some minutes by default. He has a good inside shot and Cruz and Shepherd will make an acceptable front court combo against small/weak inside teams.

Ratings wise the team is worse than last year, and the loss of Rush obviously is going to hurt us. But I'm hoping we can improve a bit this year and pound the ball inside and hurt a lot of the smaller teams in the league. I'm also hoping that my A+ Charisma leads to an increase in talent to go along with this roster that only has 1 senior starting.
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