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So from what I understand, NBA2k10 doesn't try to address the entirety of the real world NBA Contract Rules and instead institutes a Hard Cap as a shortcut. What I'm not entirely sure of is what i'm allowed to spend money on when I'm sitting in between the soft cap and hard cap given the shortcuts the game takes.

Salary Cap: $57.70 million
Hard Cap: $90 Million
Team Salary: $68.58 million
Soft Cap Room: -$10.88 million
Hard Cap Room: $21.42 million

I have no desire or intention to add to my cap this year, but I do need to figure out exactly how I'm allowed to spend here.

Player Salaries

PG Felton: $5.50 M/final year
SG Bell: $5.25 M/final year
SF Wallace: $9.51M/3 years remaining(plus a player option for a 4th year)
PF Diaw: $9.00M/final year(plus player option for a second year)
C Chandler: $11.7M/final year(plus player option for a second year)

PG Augustin: 2.38 M/2 years(+team option)
C Mohammed: $6.47M/final year(+player option)
SG Murray: $1.99M/final year
SF Brown: 458k/final year (+team option)
SF Henderson: 1.96M/two years (+2 team option years)

SG Graham: 500k/4 years
PF Radmanovic: 6.47M/final year(+player option)
C Diop: $6M/3 years(+player option)
C Ajinca: $1.37M/final year(=team option)

That's not presented cleanly at all, I'll work on that for the future. How about this?

Expiring Outright:

SG Murray
SG Bell
PG Felton

Expiring pending Player Option:

PF Radmanovic
C Mohammed
C Chandler

Expiring Pending Team Option:

SF Brown

That's a really, really ugly situation. Our bigs are just full of bad contracts given their talent level. I don't really trust the trade engine, diving in blind to an association like this, so I'm probably not going to try very hard to pawn off any of these contracts.

Bell and Felton seem like guys I want to re-sign, and Brown's option will be picked up, its under $1 mil. The rest probably puts us on a 2 year plan to being able to spend.
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