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October 28th, 2009

Charlotte (0-0) at Boston (0-1)

Team Ratings

77:89 OVR
68:89 OFF
82:89 DEF

Boston Scouting

PG Rajon Rondo - 86 OVR - looks like an average scorer but A+ ball handler, A+ defender.

SG Ray Allen - 79 OVR - His 3 point shooting is legendary. Not much on the defensive end.

SF Paul Pierce - 84 OVR - Highly rated inside, outside, on defense, good ball handler... a very good all around player.

PF Kevin Garnett - 89 OVR - stellar inside on offense and defense, decent ball handler for a 6'11" monster.

C Rasheed Wallace - 75 OVR - Good inside on both ends. A bit lacking in the rebounding department maybe?

Bench Players:

C Kendrick Perkins - 71 OVR - Good inside, very good rebounder(better than Sheed)

SF Marquis Daniels - 68 OVR - decent scorer inside but not so great anywhere else.

PF Glen Davis - 65 OVR - Rated lower than I would have expected. C+ inside and C on the boards, everthing else is C- or lower.

Boston's starting 5 blows ours away at every position, but their bench/depth is just average.

1st Quarter

Boston 24
Charlotte 19

Felton leads us with 6, Wallace and Bell have 4 each. Ray Allen has 7 for Boston. Pierce and Garnett both picked up 2 fouls in the first quarter, and the foul totals were 9 for boston/3 for Charlotte. A bit worrisome. Tyson Chandler has 2 of our 3 fouls.

Second Quarter

Boston 44
Charlotte 42

Fouls are definitely standing out. We've made 21 free throws and drawn a ridiculous number of fouls. Wallace has 12 to lead us, Felton 10, Bell 8. Ray Allen has 10 for Boston on 4-11 shooting, he's a bit cold. Allen, Garnett, Pierce all have 3 fouls, I've done nothing to intentially go after those guys, just way too many fouls in general from casual contact in the lane. Chandler has 3 for us but we have far far fewer fouls.

3rd Quarter

Boston 70
Charlotte 67

Boston built a lead as big as 8. Paul Pierce is the story as he made up for the minutes he missed with foul trouble in the first half. He scored 16 in the 3rd and has 18 total. Allen has 13. On our end Wallace is putting up solid, consistent numbers, he's got 18. Raja Bell has an unexpected 14, 2-5 from 3. Felton 10, and another surprise with Gerald Henderson scoring 9.

Garnett picked up his 4th foul in the 3rd quarter but no one else has more than 3.

4th Quarter

6:00 4th - Boston goes up 10 as Wallace is really having a hard time scoring and Pierce and Garnett are just not missing anything.

With two minutes left we're still down 10 and haven't cut it back into single digits yet. Boston has 4 offensive boards that I can remember and appear to have actively decided that Gerald Wallace isn't going to beat them.

Boston 98
Charlotte 88

Not bad for 3 quarters. Paul Pierce is the player of the game with an explosive second half.

Wallace: 27 points/11 boards (8-13 FG)
Bell: 16 points
Felton: 12 points/4 boards/7 assists
Henderson: 9 points/2 boards
Chandler: 8 points/3 boards
Diaw: 7 points/8 boards

One big problem is that DJ Augustin, best as a pure jumpshooter for me, has an insta-release shot motion that I will need to practice with. I was 0-5 from 3 with him, I blame the release for him not hitting a couple.

For Boston:

Pierce 28
Allen 15
Garnett 15/9 boards
Perkins 9/11 boardas
House 7 points/7 assists

Rondo also with 7 assists.
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