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Rookie Signings

I give both of my players what they want. I designate Padgett as a key starter on the team. He does come in as my single highest rated player after all.

Free Agency

I'm now 6 million over the cap going into free agency. I can use my MLE to sign a player but that's the only way i'll be adding anyone it appears.

Lebron James ended up re-signing with Cleveland, he's got a 6 year deal worth $123.5 million.

The top free agents in this class end up being:

PF Carlos Boozer - 88 OVR
SF/SG Rudy Gay - 83 OVR
SG/PG Allen Iverson - 82 OVR

Shaq(79 OVR), Ray Allen(79 OVR) are aging stars that are out there, Tracy McGrady is 31 years old and rated 77 OVR.

No one else in free agency is rated over 75 OVR.

I end up offering my MLE to Ray Allen, hoping to bring in a shooter for one year.

On the 19th day of free agency, Ray Allen decides to sign with Charlotte.

I can't tell where anyone else went until I leave free agency, hah!

Larry Hughes - New Jersey - 4 years/$17.06 million deal
Tracy McGrady - Boston - 5 years/$32.30 million deal (he's 31.. really?)
Carlos Boozer - Chicago - 4 years/$69.45 million
Rudy Gay - Sacramento - 5 years/$66.52 million
Shaquille O'Neal - Cleveland - 1 year/$2.26 million
Allen Iverson - LA Clippers - 2 years/$11.98 million

I'll see if there isn't a better way to track all that next year instead of "uhh yea here is where some guys went"

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