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Room 8:

This room is another arena-type room, but much smaller then the one in which the Crawl began. Fans in bleachers line the walls, screaming for and against you.

In the center of the room is an elf and a halfling. The elf smiles at you, and bows gently. "My name is Walter. This is my associate Platty. We've been hired to keep you from going through that door."

Walter points to the only other exit from the room. Somehow you have to get through them to move on. Walter carries a staff. Platty carries a long, jagged, glowing dagger.

"I am a sporting type (my associate isn't), so I will give you a moment to refresh yourselves before we begin."

You may cast spells, drink potions, or take some other preparatory action before battle. Let me know what (if anything) you want to do by Noon tomorrow, then the fun begins.
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