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Not to distract from what looks like candidates shaping up, but I provided reasoning for my day 1 and day 2 Saldana vote.

On day 1, DT threw out Saldana VERY early and had his vote on him for a long time. No one ever put a second vote there. While not a certainty, it seems like there is a solid chance a wolf puts a second vote on Saldana at some point through all of that time he had 1 vote if Saldana was a villager.

This to me, was more to go on than for anyone else on day 1. I also clearly posted that I read PackerFanatic's eagerness as how he typically plays as a villager and not a wolf (where he plays much more restrained) and thus why I was not going to vote him day 1 (or day 2 for that matter). And I definitely was not going to put a vote on DT since he was already looking like a runaway candidate and that's rarely a good thing.

On day 2, Saldana was the other leading vote getter from day 1 against DT who as far as the wolves knew, was a villager. Lynching him would have told us a lot of about day 1, and as I said, I did not feel Packer was a strong day 1 candidate. I also did not read Darth as a wolf (who I have been very accurate reading thus far).

Unfortunately I fell asleep yesterday before getting to say or provide much to the group.
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