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-- A win clinches the leauge 2 title for us. A stockport loss would do the same, a tie by both teams would also do it.

April 16th, 2016

Woking (28-7-7, 1st) @ Rochdale(19-8-15, 10th)

Rochdale are actually big favorites today, even money compared to our 11:5. We're 5-0-1 in our history against them. The first time we ever played they beat us 4:1. The last 5 times we've played we've won 1:0 every single time, including our game at home back in December.

GK: Lynch
D: Nikolaou/V Taylor/Smith/Ogogo
MC: Upson/Moseley
AM: Kelly/N'Guessan
FC: Subotic/Constantino

Smith is back in today, Moseley starts for O'sullivan, kelly for the injured Colin, and Subotic gives Harsanyi a rest. Standard mindset today.

21': We've shot a few times but I was chatting with someone and missed it. Constantino has the ball in the midfield and plays a ball foward to Subotic, one of their defenders misses an interception, Subotic picks it up and shoots, the keeper is beaten! 1-0

29': We give up a corner, they take it to the near man in the area, he shoots and Lynch makes a good save, second corner is cleared.

HALF: A couple highlights the rest of the way but just a bunch of off target shots here. We actually have 8 shots but 4 of those were in the early game that I mised. Rochdale has 5 shots but 4 are from long range and just nothing at all. Possession is 50/50, pasing, tackling, and heading are all pretty even, its really the one missed interception for Rochdale that's the difference here.

55': We get out first clear cut chance after a very long buildup, Subotic passes ahead to the right side of the area, Ogogo is there and all of a sudden wide open, but he puts it wide.

63': There's a very quick buildup by Rochdale, a pass out right, a cross in and they get a man free in the 6 yard box and he buries it past Lynch to tie this one up. Christian Smith misses a header and takes the blame for this one, his rating just tanked as a result. 1-1

70': Moseley ahead to Constantino, constantino with a brilliant turn around his man, he gets into the penalty area and looks sure to score, but the keeper dives and makes the save on his shot... I was sure that was it.

75': Moseley has it about 35 yards out, he turns by a defender and puts a through ball into the area, Constantino gets to it... and puts it wide, another one where I cannot believe he missed.

79': Dan Taylor in for Constantino, N'Diaye in for N'Guessan, Ferry in for Upson.

83': We have a free kick about 35 yrds out way to the right, Smith crosses into the area, vince Taylor gets his head to it but its way over.

88': Kelly makes a run down the left and tries a cross, its blocked and we get a corner... we have two shots blocked in the area after the corner, they end up stealing it away and they try their own counterattack and cross but we handle it fine.

91': N'diaye loses possession in our end, they quickly get it down the left side, there's a cross, Nikolaou misses a header... and their man heads it in. 1-2

We made so many huge mistakes today.

Rochdale 2 : 1 Woking

Subotic ends up man of the match as they didn't actually play well, we just played worse.

Man of the Match: Subotic (7.6)
Goal: Subotic
Assist: Constantino (6.9)
Notables: Moseley (7.4)

Nikolau made one mistake allowing a goal and earned a 5.6 rating. Christian Smith made a mistake leading to the other goal, 5.6. Constantino missed two clear cut chances from within 15 yards. We just really had this one in hand and made mistake after mistake to allow them to win.

Injury Update

in the 94th minute Abu Ogogo was hurt, its actually a broken arm... and he's out 6-7 weeks, the rest of the season.

Stockport wins today. We have 3 matches left, they have 4, and we lead by 11 points. They play their makeup match before we play again though.

Stockport's make up game is a home game against Bury, currently fighting for relegation in 23rd place... and Bury wins 3:2.

-- It isn't pretty, we're backing our way in, but Woking have clinched 1st place in League 2

We have 91 points with 3 matches to go. Stockport has 80 points. Stockport has clinched a playoff birth and is 1 point away from clinching promotion themselves. After that it gets crazy. Rushden in 3rd has 74 points, Rochdale in 10th has 68 points. It's wiiiide open.
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