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We get a bye in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy so we don't have to play til Round 2 there.

-- Vince Taylor is named in the league 1 team of the week this week!

August 16th, 2016

Woking @ Bradford

Bradford are 4:6 favorites at their place today, we're 7:2. We played them in a friendly a few years ago, that's it. This is Bradford's 7th year in League 1, last year they finished 13th.

GK: Lynch
D: Nikolaou/V Taylor/Marc/Ogogo
MC: Upson/O'Sullivan
AM: Colin/Zatara
FC: Paterson/Constantino

O'Sullivan gets his first start today, and Matthew Paterson starts for Harsanyi today, its a busy month, need a little rest here and there. Bradford Striker Kayne McLaggon played two seasons for Woking back in our BS Premier days, he was decent then, he's been average at best for Bradford. He is starting today. We'll defend on the road.

3': There's a ball blocked well up into the air on their end, McLaggon volleys it but puts it wide, first shot of the match.

21': Great through ball for Bradford but their man doesn't run onto it well, Lynch comes out and blocks the shot from point blank range. we haven't shot yet.

22': Bradford has it in our end but not much is happening, all of a sudden there's a really long through ball, their other striker Elliot is deemed onside, I have my doubts... but he gets a look at Lynch and beats him easily. 0-1

30': We earn a corner and O'Sullivan puts a header over, noteworthy not because it was even remotely close, but because its our first shot.

HALF: Ugly, ugly ugly. Bradford shoots 5 times and puts 2 on target. We just take the 1 shot, we are getting outplayed badly here. But its just 1 goal and anything could happen.

48': We have a long shot blocked, but hey, its a shot, and a corner, the corner is cleared to the other side for a throwin near the end line. We do nothing there either.

52': They move the ball foward, there's a pass to an attacker at the edge of the penalty box, Marc goes for a tackle and misses it, allowing their man Elliot to turn and fire a shot that beats Lynch... ugh. 0-2

66': Subotic is in for Paterson and Ferry in for Upson. We're laying a massive egg here, lets just rest Upson.

75': We counter after clearing out one of their attacks, there's a ball to the right side for constantino, he makes a run to the end line, cuts by a defender, runs through the 6 yard box, the keeper dives and he somehow evades the keeper and walks the ball into the net, crazy!!! 1-2

75': Lets attack fellas.

83': Harsanyi will come in for an exhausted Colin to try to give us a bit of an edge.

... No edge there, 10 minutes fly by, the game ends without another highlight.

Bradford 2 : 1 Woking

Their scorer is man of the match.

Goal: Constantino (8.3)

No one else is over a 7, and Matthew Paterson puts up a horrid 5.5.
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