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-- The league cup is into its 3rd round and this week League 1 Stockport has upset West Brom of the EPL on the road, pretty big win there!

September 24th, 2016

Rochdale(4-1-3, 7th) @ Woking(4-3-1, 4th)

We are even money favorites at home today against a Rochdale team that promoted up with us last year, they won the playoffs in league 2. They're off to a great start just like we are and sit in 7th place. We have a great 5-0-2 record against Rochdale. Every single win is a 1:0 win, all of these matches were in league 2 except for one meeting in the FA Cup.

GK: Lynch
D: Nikolaou/Taylor/Marc/Ogogo
MC: Upson/Paulo
AM: Colin/N'Guessan
FC: Harsanyi/Constantino

Rochdale are led by Will Buckley who has 6 goals, just one fewer than Constantino in league play. He's playing the right midfield role in a 4-4-2 formation today, he's also capable at Striker. I think we're starting our best 11 today, Ogogo is back in, Paulo and Colin.

We set our orders to tackle Buckley hard and we will attack.

10': Paulo is inside the midfield circle when he plays a long ball into the area, N'Guessan is there and has a shot from a tough angle, its saved, but that's the first shot of the game and was a really really nice ball from Paulo.

15': Constantino plays a through ball to Harsnayi but his shot is poor and way over.

19': We have a throwin in their end, Paulo ends up putting a ball into the area for Constantino who controls it beautifully between their two DC's and fires a shot before they can close down, he beats the keeper and we take the lead! 1-0

30': We play a ball into the area for colin, they clear it out and we set up, Vince Taylor passes it up to Constantino, he turns and jukes a defender, these defenders are completely outclassed here, Constantino just goes right by his man and calmly puts it by the helpless keeper. 2-0

38': They pass it up ahead to Buckley, he makes our D look almost as bad as Constantino is making their defense look... he burns Taylor and beats Lynch pretty easily. 2-1

39': We pass it 3 times afte rkickoff... Taylor to Pualo to Harsanyi to Constantino, Constantino runs onto the ball nicely and its again just like the defense isn't even there as he runs into the area and burns the keeper. Its a hat trick! 3-1

HALF: The individual play of Constantino to get such easy shots today i really didn't think I would see in this league, even against a team that was in League 2 with us last year. Constantino is just an amazing individual player and he's clearly just as deadly in League 1 as he was in League 2. Rochdale's goal by Buckley is their only shot. We have an amazing 66/34 possession edge, we're passing, tackling, and heading extremely well, better than them by huge margins.

47': They get a through ball to a foward, Marc is blamed for missnig an interception, but Lynch makes a great spot, its a clear cut chance and they really needed to score there. Nikolaou clears it out for a throwin and we defend that well.

54': They commit two fouls as we build up on offense, the second one gives us a free kick at the right corner of the penalty area, Upson sends it in but they head it out. We recover and build up on offense again, but they clear for a second time successfully.

61': they earn a corner and are beginning to attack a bit more, the corner is a dangerous one, a header is put by Lynch but vince Tayor clears it off the line.

62': We change to a defensive mindset, they are starting to pressure a lot more as I mentioned and we need to hold this off.

70': Upson gets a yellow.

74': Chester is in for Harsanyi. Chester moves to DC, Taylor to DMC, just Constantino up front.

79': N'Guessan makes a run down the right side, he plays a great cross up for Constantino, but Constantino's first touch is poor, this should ahve been an easy 4th goal but instead he runs with the ball basically into the keeper.

82': Ogogo is hurt, he can stay in but is listed as injured.

86': Ferry in for Paulo (this is a bit of a defense for offense sub in the midfield since Ferry is a natural DMC), Alcock in for Ogogo.

We play well and don't allow any strong attacks towards the end.

Woking 3 : 1 Rochdale

Man of the Match: Constantino (9.5)
Goals: Constantino 3
Assists: Paulo (8.2), Taylor (8.0), Harsanyi (7.4)
Notables: Ogogo (7.4), Nikolaou (7.0), Marc (7.3), N'Guessan (7.1), Colin (7.0)

The Chester signing I think gives us some pretty powerful options like we employed today. This is an offensive team, I want to score goals, Upson, Paulo, Constantino, Colin, and Harsanyi can generate crazy offense and so far it seems that potential remains in League 1. That's what I want to do most of the time, even on the road.

That said, I think when we need to play periods of clutch defense, the ability to run Chester/Marc as DCs, Vince Taylor at DMC, and Simon Ferry at MC instead of Paulo or O'Sullivan gives me a stronger defense than i've ever had before. I could even put Alcock at DR and Ogogo at AMR if I wanted and I think we can play some great defense that way.

-- Ogogo "suffered a strained neck" and is going to miss 8-10 days.
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