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Originally Posted by Chief Rum View Post
He won't have any reason on a N0 to think you're evil, so doing this probably means he was trying to protect you.

Good result. We need all the help we can get with so much scum running around. Seems a stretch to think anybody had an inkling about who to protect at this point and that they could have guessed right, but that's what appears to have happened. Most of you have played together and some of us have no meta-history here, does it make sense that Autumn would be double targeted on night zero? Does she draw that kind of attention in fofc ww games? Not doubting the veracity of her claim, just thinking out loud as a successful protection the first night isn't a typical outcome (but I don't think this ruleset will be typical in any way). How does a jailing work? Do either the jailor or the jailed learn each other's identity when someone is locked up? Also, maybe I missed it, but do we know for sure that the mafia can attempt a night kill on night zero? Who else could have attacked besides mafia? Just the serial killer right?
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