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The first thing I decide to do is look at the finances.

The club lost 7 million dollars last season. Despite that, they still have 167 million dollars in the bank.

As promised, I have a transfer budget of 94 million dollars.

The current wage budget is 1.6 million. The board is allowing me to have a wage budget of up to 3.2 million dollars/week!

We can expect money from quite a few big name transfer items when they get sold again:

We will get 30% of Cristiano Ronaldo's next sale (I really wish the club hadn't moved him.)

We will get 40% of Lee Lawrence's next sale.

We will get 40% of Giuseppe Rossi's next sale.

We will get 30% of Charlie Wilson's next sale.

We will get 40% of Phillip Bardsley's next sale.

We will get 30% of Michael Armstrong's next sale.

The club recently sold Hatem Ben Arfa for 16.5 million dollars to Club Atletico de Madrid, Hatem was/is a very talented 23 year old french midfielder, but he wasn't getting along with his teammates. As a result, the club sold him last week at significantly below his value which was 25 million dollars.

The club also recently sold a talented striker in Porcellis for 4.8 million. This kid lacked foot speed, but was otherwise a very good striker. In looking at his scouting file some more, I'm not as disappointed by his sale. He is too slow to be a great striker in my opinion.

The club does not have any current future transfers in scheduled. I need to look at the roster immediately, and decide where we need to fortify. I also need to get to know my staff and look at who we need to bring in, if anyone.
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