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Originally Posted by Eaglesfan27
The club lost 7 million dollars last season. Despite that, they still have 167 million dollars in the bank.

As promised, I have a transfer budget of 94 million dollars.

The current wage budget is 1.6 million. The board is allowing me to have a wage budget of up to 3.2 million dollars/week!
Looking back:
Originally Posted by Eaglesfan27
Now that I'm manager of this club, it's time to assess what we have. First of all, we are in a precarious financial position. We currently have a little under 50,000 dollars in the bank. We are currently about 300 dollars under our wage budget which is 4,600 dollars/week.

Both the chairman and the press tell me they are expecting us to finish in the top half of the league. However, due to the limited amount of money in the coffers, we have a whopping transfer budget of 0 dollars. However, in a moment of surprising generosity, my chairman tells me we can spend about 75% of whatever transfer money we raise. Of course, I've heard that he might go back on his word.
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