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Aug 4, 2010 -

Considering who I should pursue, I check out a few possibilities:

Cristiano Ronaldo - My scouts feel this 25 year striker/midfielder has truly blossomed. He is a superb dribbler who has great technique, good creativity, top notch flait, top notch agility and balance. He has excellent skills except for his teamwork which isn't so good. He is currently valued at 68 million dollars. I wish they had never sold him, but I don't see myself reacquiring him at this time.

Joaquin is a possibility - His age is a little concerning, 29, but he is still a world class right winger. He has excellent speed, great acceleration, top notch dribbling, great crossing, and passing, great frist touch, mostly top notch mental attributes. He has superb flair and creativity. He is a very tempting choice. He is currently with Real Madrid and he is valued at 34.5 million dollars. He speaks fluent English as well as Spanish.

Bastian Schweinsteiger is a 26 year old German player who has good pace, excellent physical abilities. He has very good mental attributes accorss the board. He is a very good passer, an excellent dribbler, and good crossing. He is currently starting for Milan.

Andres D'Alessandro - IF I go to a 3-5-2 like I was running at Wigan, I would definitely want this 29 year attacking midfielder. He is a top notch finisher who has excellent dribbling, flair, creativity, technique, and pace. He has top notch physical skills. However, if I keep running a 4-4-2 (which I'm considering) I wouldn't really be taking advantage of D'Alessandro's abilities.

Landon Donovan - 28 year old USA player whose versatility intrigues me. He has excellent physical abilities. He has great creativity and flair. He has excellent mental attributes. He has very good dribbling, finishing, first touch. He is an excellent passer. He can play and forward position or either wing. He can use either foot well. He is valued at 30 million and is playing for Milan currently (as are quite a few of these possibilities.)

Freddy Adu - Only 21 years old and already a very good player. He has good pace, excellent balance and stamina. Very good mental attributes. Excellent technique, passing, first touch, dribbling, and finishing. He is currently with Barcelona and he is worth 27.5 million currently.

Phillip Lahm - A 26 year old right winger who can also play right fullback, left fullback or left wing. He has excellent pace, physical attributes, mental attributes, and good passing ability. He has superb crossing ability. He is currently with Inter and he is valued at 23 million dollars.

Jermaine Jenas - This 27 year old right winger/attacking midfielder is a skilled player who has good physical attributes, very good mental attributes, excellent passing, good crossing, and excellent heading.

These are my top few choices at the moment. I need to decide if I'm going to run a 3-5-2 here. If I am, I will likely go after D'Allesandro. If I don't, I am leaning towards Adu particularly as I see him still having room to grow in talent since he is only 21.
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